where i want to be ep

by Waxwing Slain

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released May 30, 2017

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jordan Wagel at the Krilosphere, Livonia MI
facebook (dot) com/krilosphere/

album photo by Lorenza Hawt Dawg Water Centi ,

strings beats n pipes by ya boi



all rights reserved


Waxwing Slain Lansing, Michigan

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Track Name: refrain
amazing grace
how sweet the sound
of your voice
would be right now

why are we always admiring the daylight in the dead of night?
Track Name: mortar and brick
stained glass
hole in my chest
thinking of how you said it best

"you don't have to be able to sing
if you've got the moves
then you can fake anything"

i can still feel it in my hand
holding on for as long as i can

knuckles white
doors open slow
softly i hear him say
"son, you can let it go"

following patterns of mortar and brick
i'll take its advice
while i resemble straw and stick
sitting in a creaking chair
breaking down

don't let this be the last time i see your face
Track Name: blame
treading in blame
i thought the only way
to save myself
is to drown everybody else
now i see the only way for me
to cut ties with selfish lies
and truly be free
is to turn it on me

tie up both my hands
fill my shoes with stone
even out the score
sink down to the floor

now you're stuck
somewhere in the space between
where you are and where you want to be
you've put in the time
to earn a lie so stable
you can't fall asleep at night
it strangles your eyes
you shut so tight
pushed to your palms
this cant be right

is tearing at the seams
the standards that i set
that can never be met
i wish i could be
the epitome
of the picture perfect me
that i want you to see
Track Name: contradiction
spending every day
walking in straight lines
surrounded by tones of gray
ignoring every sigh
until i feel like
i am a fraud
when i sing along
to all of my favorite songs
i just don't belong
in one place for so long
i've got to move on

i saw disbelief in a sunrise reflected in hollow eyes
buried under the weight of darkness obliged
by lack of goodbye

all the old constants aren't holding true
what does it mean to an end
when it's all coming back to you
either erase or retrace the lines we drew
to find the pattern that will lead to somewhere new

but i'm too afraid of imperfection to try
to get out from where i've been stuck
this past year i've been just
one big contradiction
lacking conviction
and the will to get to where i want to be
Track Name: somewhere to go
it seems that every time i get where i though i'd want to be, there's somewhere new.
it's comforting to know there's always somewhere to go
Track Name: left behind
this year i've been constantly aware of my fear to die
not for where i end up, but for what i leave behind
before i figure out exactly who i want to be
i'm counting on years i know aren't guaranteed
am i wasting time
is this a waste of my time

it's all that i've been thinking about:
how the smell of flowers becomes the worst in the world
at a funeral
at your funeral

there's something comforting to know that this could be all that we will ever be, but its days like these
that i hope
we're not alone
picturing you in your new home
it's all that i've been thinking about
how the smell of flowers becomes the worst in the world
at a funeral
at your funeral

amazing grace
how sweet the sound
of your voice
would be right now